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Our Public Lands

Jacob is a born and raised Montanan, and that means he understands the value of our beautiful public lands. Apart from their value as a staple of Montana’s landscape, Jacob recognizes the importance of the $7.1 billion outdoor recreation economy that they create. Jacob will stand up to big corporations looking to take advantage of and misuse our lands, while everyday Montana citizens pay the price.

Our public lands should be accessible, open, and enjoyable. They shouldn’t be grounds for profiting by billionaires. We need laws to protect them against privatization, preserve them for posterity, and promote an environmental agenda that serves the people.

Our Labor Unions

Since the mid-19th century, labor unions have been fighting for a better, safer, more equitable workplace. They exist to protect and promote the interests of the working class, and have an honorable history of fighting for better benefits, wages, and working conditions.

Today, giant corporations are attacking America’s workforce at its core. Jacob will fight for the rights of our workers, and he will stand with unions to do that. This means standing up to corporations and union-busters at every turn. Jacob is honored to lean on the proud tradition of labor organizers in Montana as he fights to protect their future.

Jacob isn’t afraid of a good fight, which is why he’s ready to take on anti-labor legislators and corporations alike. Unlike his Republican opponent, Jacob opposes the privatization of workers’ compensation, and he’s fighting for safer working conditions and against right-to-work laws, rather than taking PAC money from massive corporations.

Montana's Small Businesses

Small businesses are the lifeblood of Montana’s economy. Jacob comes from a family of small business owners, and understands the importance of legislation designed to protect our small businesses. 

Jacob believes in an economy that helps small businesses, not just big corporations. His legislative agenda in this area includes a strong entrepreneurship program and aid for small business. Jacob will fight to make it easier to own and run a small business.

Montana's infrastructure

As the 21st century marches forward, high speed broadband, good roads and infrastructure, and convenient public transport are crucial to Montana’s economic development. Jacob will push for investments in infrastructure, rural broadband, and mass public transit to bring Montana into an age of prosperity.


As a proud product of Montana’s public schools, Jacob understands how fundamentally important public schools are to our society. Jacob knows that when we invest in early learning programs, we set our kids up for long-term success. When students get the foundation they need, they can pursue higher education. And when students get that chance, the economy thrives and wages rise. With a robust education system, we all do better.

As your legislator, Jacob will work to implement a public pre-k program to ensure the next generation will become productive members of our society. He will fight for higher wages for teachers, so that their work is properly valued. And he will make college more accessible by making tuition more affordable, so that Montana students who want to further their education are able to do so.


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