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Childcare in Montana is scarce. For those between infancy and 6-years old, it's more expensive than a 4-year college degree.

I grew up as the built-in childcare to a family of seven and have worked in both the childcare & small business management industries, so i understand just how greatly an unstable childcare situation can effect a Parents ability to stay in the workforce.

Commitment to quality child care is not only a good way to grow a local economy—it helps make Montana more pro-family. Quality, affordable child care is especially important for working parents


That is why as a legislator, I will push for universal child care. That means more Montanans being able to afford the kind of childcare they know their kids deserve. By providing free childcare for families in need and a 7% cap on child care expenditures for all Montana families, high-quality, supportive child care will become a reality for families across our state.  

Affordable Housing

The housing crisis is at its worst in Montana and relief is nowhere to be found. 


According to the MT Budget & Policy Center, In Montana rent has climbed 62% faster than the national average, and 66.8% of renters living on very low income pay more than half of their income towards housing.  


I support big investments into affordable housing. The state legislature must once again become an ally to municipalities, who are on the front line in addressing this historic housing crisis—I will fight to repeal the state legislature's overreaching ban on inclusionary zoning, which would give local control back to city governments.

 I believe in the power of private-public partnerships, so I will also work hard to help pass Montana's very own Workforce Housing Tax Credit, which would incentivize the development of new affordable housing units for thousands of families all across Montana

Rainbow Flags


Pride is not just about marriage equality anymore, it is about quality of life.

That means pride is about ensuring life saving prescription drugs, like insulin and PreP, are affordable or free of cost for all who need them.

When I am elected to represent HD81, one of the first battles I wage will be to repeal Montana’s Religious Freedoms Restoration Act, which essentially acts as a blanket license to discriminate against any LGBTQ+ person in Montana without consequence.

I will also fight hard to end the war on our LGBTQ2S+ youth by banning conversion therapy for minors, and repealing the openly discriminatory laws prohibiting trans youth participation in school sports.

I will also fight hard for affirmative protections for LGBTQ2S+ Montanans, meaning i will introduce a bill that will insert statute explicitly identifying gender identity and sexual orientation as a protected class from discrimination.


Since the mid-19th century, labor unions have been fighting for a better, safer, more equitable workplace. They protect and promote the interests of working Montanans, and have an honorable history of fighting for better benefits, wages, and working conditions. 

Today, giant corporations are attacking America’s workforce at its core—as a Labor organizer in the service industry, I have witnessed this firsthand. That is why I will fight for the rights of our workers, and stand with unions. This means standing up to corporations and union-busters at every turn.

Montana is not, and never will be a “Right To Work (For Less)” state. I am proud to support Montanas unions, and when I am elected I will fight hard against ANY attempts to change that.

Jobs + Economy

 As someone who comes from a family of both blue-collar workers and small business owners, I know just how tough this economy can be for both employees and employers.

That is why I support big expansions to our social safety net, such as 12 weeks guaranteed paid maternity leave, as well as universal childcare

As a service industry employee and small business owner, I fully support the fight for a $15/hr minimum wage, and I will continue that fight when I am elected to represent HD81 here in Helena. 


Reproductive rights


 Government should be out of the picture when it comes to these most intimate decisions made by a person

That is why I will fight hard for a woman's fundamental right to privacy and reproductive freedom when I am elected to represent HD81. 

I believe that protecting reproductive rights is about more than just protecting abortion—it is about protecting those most vulnerable in our society

Those who will suffer most in a Post-Roe world will be average people with uteruses, those who will be forced into back alleys and bedrooms with metal instruments never meant to touch a human body, pills, and poisons


We must protect these people by protecting AND respecting their right to privacy


I was born and raised Montanan—that means I understand the value of our beautiful public lands.


Apart from their value as a staple of Montana’s landscape, I recognize the importance of the $7.1 billion outdoor recreation economy that they create.

I will be a relentless opponent of big corporations looking to take advantage of and misuse our lands, while everyday Montana citizens pay the tab.

Our public lands should be accessible, open, and enjoyable. They shouldn’t be grounds for profiting by out-of-state billionaires and foreign businesses. 

We need laws to protect them against privatization, preserve them for posterity, and promote an environmental agenda that finally serves the people.


It is a fact that in Montana, those who earn a lower income pay a higher amount in taxes. then the top 1%.


We need a tax system that works for working people.


Here’s what we can do: Our state must stop valuing wealth over work, we can start by repealing the capital gains tax credit


Next we can restore top income tax brackets, which would help combat our state's historic income inequality as well as take some of the tax burden off working families. 


Battling inequality in our state must also include expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit to 20% of the current federal credit

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