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Wilmot Collins, Mayor of Helena

"Jacob understands the importance of hard work and knocking on doors to learn the issues that all Helenans care about. Since declaring his candidacy in May of 2021, Jacob has knocked on over 2,000 doors and has had hundreds of conversations with his constituents, which proves that he is not only willing to work actively on the ground but, when elected, he will be a fierce advocate not only for HD81 but for all Montanans. I’ve said it before and I'll say it again, right now the world needs leaders with solutions and that is why I am so proud to endorse my friend Jacob Torgerson for House District 81."  


Melinda Reed, Helena City Commissioner

 "Jacob’s commitment to addressing the key issues facing our state is impressive and his willingness to step up and run for office should be applauded. Jacob has worked hard throughout this campaign season, knocking on thousands of doors and listening to the people he wants to represent. I am proud to support Jacob’s campaign for HD-81 and encourage you to learn more about this thoughtful and committed young leader"  


"Jacob’s perspective, intellect, commitment and energy are exactly what our party has asked for in the next generation of democratic leaders and we encourage all of our neighbors to support him.. We are confident that the future of our party depends on our courage to build a bench of leaders that are committed to our values, put our best face forward, and work hard to build a better future for all Montanans."


"Jacob Torgerson is young, savvy and fiercely dedicated to the core principles Democrats espouse. What separates Torgerson from his opponents is his real opportunity to work with the Republicans who will most assuredly dominate the Legislature again. He is the candidate who comes from a family and background of hard work and sensible points of view. Of the slate, he has the best chance of being able to actually get some your common ideas actually passed into law."

Robert Farris-Olsen, Representative (D) HD79

Susan Good-Geise,
Frmr Lewis and Clark County Commissioner





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