Meet Jacob

Jacob is a life-long Montanan who wants to serve his community. He comes from a middle-class background, living in a family of 7 in Helena’s North Valley. As a legislator, advocate, and public servant, he will continue to fight for your family as hard as he fights for his own.

Running for office is Jacob’s way of giving back to the community that raised him. With this race, we have the opportunity to make real change for communities that are left out of the national discussion. Jacob has made history as the youngest candidate for any legislative seat in the United States. But this race isn’t just about making history, it’s about fighting for real people and real families. Jacob is the candidate for the job.

Jacob knows what Montanans value, and those values are what guide the policy he’s fighting for throughout this campaign. Jacob is fighting for robust mental health programs and the expansion of hospital capabilities to combat our mental health crisis compassionately and effectively. He is an advocate for our public lands, and will stand up to big corporations, corrupt billionaires, and out-of-state groups who want to exploit and privatize our lands for their own profit. And Jacob believes that every Montanan should be empowered to succeed, which is why Jacob supports a public pre-K program, so that we can invest in the next generation of Montanans.


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